Growing The Perfect Garden in Your Apartment

Are you under the misconception that living in an apartment prohibits you from having your own garden? For some people this idea is really depressing and it is one of the motivating factors they have for leaving apartment life behind for a house with a yard. For others it is merely a small disappointment and they try to make do with a few houseplants.

Well, the good word is that you don’t have to move or “settle” for a houseplant or two. Even living in an apartment, it is very possible to have a garden. This report will show you some tips on how you can accomplish this.

Look around carefully and analyze where you might put an indoors garden and what exactly you would want to have there. Do you have a dining room with a table that you only use for “fancy” dinners? Many gardeners who are forced to garden indoors use this table for their apartment garden. The question, however, is will you miss having access to your dining room table? You have to analyze this very objectively. Is it really practical to lose the use of your dining room table? It’s really possible to have a nice garden in a small area, but don’t overestimate how many plants that area can handle.

Indoor plants need to be fertilized more often than outdoor plants. This is because they do not get the sort of “fly by” fertilizing that outdoor plants get from things that float by and fall from the air. It’s easy enough to just buy an extra bag of fertilizer; however, an even better option is to start composting under your kitchen sink. The ingredients for compost are free – your organic kitchen scraps. This makes composting a win-win situation. This cuts down on the trash you throw away and the money you spend on fertilizer and takes about the same amount of space as a bag of fertilizer.

There are a lot of advantages to using hanging plants. Have you given this option any thought? Have you considered using hanging plants for your garden? This method gives you a lot of choices if your space is limited. Your larger plants will need bigger pots to allow their roots to expand, and these containers are sometimes difficult to turn into hanging plants due to their weight. But you won’t have a problem finding numerous plants that are small enough to put in hanging planters with attractive, small containers. If kids and pets digging into the soil of your containers is a problem, make your garden with hanging plants. Your plants will thrive much better if they aren’t disturbed.

There is no limit to the types of garden you can make. And the fact that you live in an small apartment is not a limitation.

The real trick is to get creative and to not be afraid to ask for help. It doesn’t take a lot of research to learn what you need to know to have a successful indoor garden. An even better method is to tap into the experience of the experts in your community. You may become overwhelmed with all of the helpful advice coming your way! Before too long, your apartment will be beautiful with your unique garden.